What to expect?

Prior to the session, we will have an introduction by phone and then talk about why you choose to have an RTT session.

The sessions will be held in my therapy room in Hilversum, or from the comfort of your own home, through a Skype or Zoom Video call.

After a short induction into hypnosis, or rather a very deep relaxation, I will guide you to identify the root cause of your behaviour/problem. During hypnosis you are fully responsive. You are not asleep, but very relaxed and aware. You can compare it to when you are daydreaming and lose track of time.

During this deep relaxation you are connected to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has stored every detail and memory of your life. And this is how we can find the root cause of your issue and unwanted behaviour.

You can compare it to the hard disk of a computer. Once we find the cause, it instantly sets you free and gives you peace of mind. Which enables you to let go of the old beliefs that kept you going in this vicious circle. With the powerful and effective techniques of RTT, I will give your hard disk an “update”, with this very powerful, tailor-made positive imprint, to rewire your brain. And this stimulates and activates the desired behaviour.

The last part of the session is hypnotic conditioning, which I record and give to you after the session (or will e-mail this), so you can listen to this for the next 21 days, at least once a day.

This is absolutely necessary to rewire your brain. Because your brain needs up to 21 days to take on a new belief. During this period of time I will support you, to make sure that these new positive beliefs have a lasting (and/or) permanent effect on your life.

The effectiveness of RTT makes you need to have one up to three sessions for an issue.

The session takes between 90 to 120 minutes