My journey

I was born in The Netherlands, to an Indian father and a German/Dutch mother. I have two elder siblings and unfortunately my mother had to raise us alone, after my father passed away at a young age. My mother taught us the importance of a balanced life, between materialism and spiritualism. At the age of 9, my mother took me to India for the first time. There I saw the poverty and misery that we don’t see in western civilization. And that made me decide that I wanted to help people, so I wanted to become a doctor.

But my self-doubt and insecurity were too dominant. I had the feeling that I wasn’t good enough to achieve the accomplishment of becoming a doctor. I always used to feel blocked when learning in school. That was very frustrating and I couldn’t get rid of that feeling. Eventually I graduated in Communication, but I soon found out that for the specific jobs that I was qualified for, that was not the place where my heart was. And in the meantime I’ve focused on my family life, by taking care of my children.

This changed when I met Marisa Peer and got to know her method. From that point on, I saw it from a different perspective and got to know how the mind works. It all made sense and seems to be easily applicable. And most surprisingly it actually worked for me too


That’s when certain things in my life got really clear and started to happen, like why things weren’t going that smoothly and easy for me, like my lack of confidence and a bad sugar habit. These issues were all rooted in the sudden loss of my father back in my very early childhood. During one of my sessions, it also became clear why I used to have this fear of failure during my school period. My grandfather used to explain to me the importance of a good education. As a six-year-old girl, that scared me a lot and that pressure made me feel like I could not live up to that expectation. So then the mind will do it’s number one job; that is to protect you. Because it thinks you are in danger and it’s job is, to avoid pain and give you pleasure. So what happened back then, is that my mind protected me from the threat and gave me the fear of failure, in order to keep me safe. Because when I wouldn’t try, I would not fail. That is a brilliant function of the brain, but we don’t live in the Stone Age anymore, and this fear would not be life threatening. So this wasn’t pleasure at all. It was torture. This happened a lot during my school career, but also after that period I tried to avoid challenging situations. Understanding the root cause of this issue clarified a lot and gave me peace of mind. This made it very easy to let go of that issue and to focus on the things that I want to manifest in my life.

I felt so relieved after my RTT sessions. Lots of weight got lifted off my shoulders and I literally lost body weight as well. After I got rid of all these issues I realized that I’ve carried that burden way too long. The uniqueness of RTT is that understanding the root cause of your issue is so liberating, that you easily leave your old beliefs behind you and taking in new beliefs. This will transform your behavior permanently. And so after my first session, this huge transforming effect is still going on in my life. It gave me peace of mind and confidence, I’m so much more relaxed and calm and I enjoy my life. I now truly know what it is to think positive.

Rapid Transformational Therapy has enriched my life tremendously. Not only my life but also it has a profound impact on the lives of my family and friends as well. Of course I stared to help them right away. I am enjoying my life to the fullest and I don’t need any external reasons to be happy. If we could all evolve like this and feel so happy, the world would be even prettier!

So I’ve decided to learn this wonderful method and to work with people and children. Now I have learned this great way to help people to transform their lives and to help them to achieve their successes with ease. I love to see how RTT transforms their lives and sets them free. They start to radiate happiness and they feel liberated from anything that stopped them from having a happy and successful life.

In 2016 I was personally trained by Marisa Peer in London and educated by the Marisa Peer Method as a Certified Approved Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. In my country I’m officially one of first practitioners of Rapid Transformational Therapy. It pleases me so much that I can work with this successful method and get quick results with my clients. So now I can finally help people to get better, what I’ve always dreamed of since I was a child.


Hypnotherapy: Cl.Hyp. ARTT. CPPD. MPMH. MICP

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Advanced Rapid Transformation Therapist

Member of International Council of Psychotherapists